Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aerobic for Dummies - Part 1

Here is a generalized work out, {Day Four} that I am keeping record of to hand out to people when they need a start on getting into shape. You can see Day One Here, you can see Day Two Here, you can see Day Three Here and there are many directions in those entries that need to be followed in this one, so if you didn't read them then do so before you even start here.

Day Four .. Aerobics
Since Day Four is all about the Aerobic exercise, I can already hear many people thinking “Oh God I have to break out the leg warmers and the Richard Simmons Tapes” which would probably work, but be wholly unnecessary. Aerobics are anything that raises your heart rate and burns fat. This includes a lot of different things that can be found at the gym, and I can't stress enough that it really should be done at the gym. Despite the fact that most of the aerobics machines {treadmills, bikes, recumbent, etc} can be done outside the gym, it is one part mind set, two parts regimen. In the old days when I used to think that a long walk or a bicycle ride did the trick, I might have actually felt better about myself but I lacked the structure that it took to actually burn fat, or get any real benefits from it. There was also that horrible mind set that comes into “not walking through the door” at the gym. A very important Jeremy Crow Gym principle is “Everyday that you don't go to the gym makes it harder to go back!”

Think about it this way, but when you go to the treadmill {my personal aerobics machine} at the gym, you set your speed, you set your hill size, and you set your time. You are pushed at this specific amount for the duration and then you get a nice little heart rate and calorie count throughout. At the end of your workout you get a nice readout of what you actually accomplished. Now even though I tell everyone that a 40 minute treadmill excursion is a must on your “off day” I use the treadmill Monday thru Friday for 30 minutes after I get out of work as well, and I suggest that everyone do this. When you get into the “healthy mindset” you can visualize your results in different ways. For example my normal after work treadmill experience isn't very rough. I can watch Glenn Beck on the widescreen, set the treadmill for 4 {15 minute mile} with an incline of 15. After the 30 minutes and the 5 minute cool down, I burn about 580 calories. This is every day and to put it into a different context, it is rather relaxing and burns a little more than a foot long Ham or Turkey Sub with EVERYTHING! How's that for visualizing results, considering that one of those subs is a rather healthy dinner. My 40 minute one on the off day will also polish off a bag of chips with it.

Now there are many different machines that can be used as I said before, but I hate them. I don't find them to even burn the right amount of calories for me, and another Jeremy Crow Gym principle is to find the things that seem less like torture and you'll find the things that resemble benefits. That doesn't mean that that is the way it will work for you. Some people really love rocking the bikes or the ski machines. Whatever gets you there and keeps you there. Remember to get to know the people there at the same time as you so that it becomes a more relaxing atmosphere and then .. burn baby burn.

All Days - Diet
I'm not going to spell out what you need to eat and how you need to eat it here. I am just going to tell you the things that the “other” people don't tell you. What I mean by this, is that there are a lot of ways to diet, but most people don't put any of it into the right perspective. Sure most of them seem to have the basic concepts {calories, fats, carbs, proteins} but they rarely place them all together in a format that will do anything other than put you to sleep trying to get to it. Here's what you need to do just to change your lifestyle a bit, and I am going to warn you, I get extremely blunt. My attitude about diet is that you are either going to do it or you aren't and I am not going to beg you to do it, so make up your mind whether you want to be skinner or fatter, those are the choices.

First and foremost, you need to come to grips with the fact that some things that you put into your system serve no purpose whatsoever. You need to accept that certain items of digestion are completely worthless, and when you eat them you are saying “I don't want to eat healthy” regardless of whether it is for that moment or permanently. If you drink a lot of coffee with a lot of cream in it, then it is most likely hopeless that you will ever lose significant weight. If terminology like “extra cheese” is a staple on just about everything you eat, then you probably aren't going to lose weight easily. These are things that are just completely useless to your system, create metabolic issues, and have huge quantities of fat.

Think of it this way, using the foot long Subway sandwich like I usually do. That foot long Ham or Turkey sub loaded with vegetables and no sauce is 540 calories, or as I said about 30 minutes of brisk aerobics. It also contains about 4 grams of fat which is why it has so little calories for the amount of food that it is. Add 4 cheese triangles to it, which barely enhances the flavor, and you add about 8 grams of fat and another 100 calories. Tell me what good that did your system? Did it make you feel more full? Will you go longer before you are hungry again? Black coffee has 0 calories and it also increases your metabolism. If you add 1 oz of cream to it {which is a fallacy as most people add 4 or more, but wee will say just 1 for this example} has about 9 grams of fat or 100 calories. Using the example of 4 you can cram 400 calories into yourself at a whack and a ton of useless fat. Here is a good chart to track calories and fat ..http://whatscookingamerica.net/NutritionalChart.htm ..

Becoming a label reader is very important, but knowing what to read on a label isn't taught very well. For example the average person who knows that a snack should have 100 calories never pays much attention to what makes up the calories. A rule of thumb when you are in a hurry is to make sure that there is roughly 2 times the protein to fat. So if something has 2 fat grams you should make damn sure it has 4 protein grams. If you can get it into multiples of 3 {2 fat 6 protein} you are doing good, and 4 or more times means that you are starting to assist your metabolism to burn calories a lot better. I am not saying that life and diet are perfect, but if you aren't doing the little things then why bother with the complex things, because you are just banging your head against the wall. Take it from me, but I usually give up on people that don't want to edit the smallest {and actually easiest} angles of their diet, and why should I? Again I said I am not begging anyone to lose weight, because I have a hard enough time working on Jeremy.

Last but most important of them all when dealing with diet is your attitude. If you can't feel good about yourself for doing the “right” things then you probably need to change your personality. I do not like eating perfectly all the time, but I congratulate myself when I do. I don't always want to go to the gym, but I always remind myself and others that the hour I spend at the gym is going to result in 23 blissful hours of self righteous glory because I already did it! Make DAMN sure that you don't walk around judging the people that are already in great shape, and learn to aspire to simply be like them. There are a lot of reasons for this but the most important of them all is the fact that if you don't respect everything that they went through to get into that shape, then you will never do it yourself! I like to see the young girls at the gym, slightly out of shape staring at the women that are my age, and built like a statue of Aphrodite. They have seething hatred in their eyes over the “perfection” of these women, and it just goes to show that they don't have the respect of the 20 years of painstaking daily effort it took to look like that. The women that are being hated on probably would give anything to be 20 again. These people shouldn't be placed on a pedestal but they should be the example to you of hard work and perseverance, and not the product of scorn or even ridicule. It's self defeating in the end, because this is the path that you want to take and you don't want to be belittled for looking better either. This is why I don't put up with it for a second, because nobody is going to look at my hard work and try to make me feel bad. This is how I explain it as “Don't treat everyone like they are 'all that' because your ego might not be able to recover from it if they actually are!” Think about it