Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's Talk About Health Baby - Volume 3

Well misery and anger has some advantages believe it or not. I may not like the last month of my life in general, but a general mindset change towards viscous did help me out in some of my personal goals. I have a horrible habit of stewing in my own juices, as that part of the serenity prayer {to accept the things I cannot change} has never been a strong suit. I then am able to throw myself into things with a ferocity that is usually reserved for things that are actually important. This translated well into my gym activities. I crossed some hurdles I had been having some serious problems with lately, some good some bad, but I still deserve a kudos on some of them.

Like a lot of people {not all as I know many are the exact opposite} I tend to not eat much when I am miserable. The misery sucks but the end results sometimes help me get through the misery as strange as it sounds. I've gone beyond my normal six pack when I do a little effort towards working on a twelve pack. My waist which around my birthday was snug in a size thirty two jeans are now watching a healthy amount of breathing room in the thirties I bought over the last month. Most of this was in those stupid back boobs that most men past the age of thirty start harvesting for the rest of their lives. It was an unforeseen benefit but I will take what I can get. I am starting to see some serious definition in my sterata {the muscles around your ribs} which is a nice surprise since I have never seen any before. I must have been pretty bad.

I also found myself finally getting past that bench press plateau I had been sitting on for several months. Worse yet I had seen my strength slowly start to decrease and was forced to actually raise my reps and sets to compensate for what a weakling I was becoming. Sunday in particular I was so amazingly furious that I broke through my usual weights and increased my press by forty pounds. Thanks to poor genetics I have never had a particularly nice chest and had to make up for it over the years with a decent set of lats {the wings on your back basically} which also increased it's abilities dramatically on Saturday. I finally hit the highest weights that the machines in my gym can go to in those regards, and that is with a high rep cycle. My bird legs will hopefully come out of this better for the experience but I don't think Oedipal misery will get that done.

The drawbacks of course are the usual {and this can go back to the lessons I learned during the divorce to my second wife} and that would be growing joint pain due to the lack of fatty acids and body fat in general in my system. My weight has dropped to a rather lean one hundred and sixty nine pounds which is twenty pounds shy of where I was back in May. I may hate me a lot of days but when that scale dropped down there the day before yesterday I not only saw a need to change something physically but mentally as well. On the physical side I eliminated aerobics {treadmill} for this week at least, and added a few more dietary supplements {MRPs} into my day. On the mental side I finally sent a text message to the person that was assisting me in this agony and said my goodbyes and this was enough.

With clean diet and a regiment of human interaction I should be able to drag my ass out of this within a week or so. I've said it enough in the past but sitting in your own shit might be warm and comfortable, but you can't ignore how much it stinks forever. I scheduled a road trip with a bunch of friends this Saturday night and at the very least they will force me to eat a lot of fatty foods, and gawk at the skirts somewhere. It's not a perfect plan but for the most part it is what any old psychiatrist would call “normal behavior” ;8o)