Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goals, Deeds and In Between

Everyone has a different set of goals in this world, and since there are times when I could actually be considered “normal” I happen to have some of my own. Most of which are fantastic and over the top “life goals” that more likely than not will never be accomplished, many are mid-level goals that most likely will be accomplished sooner or later, and others are easy and/or extraneous goals which either should be accomplished or require the participation of someone else, which means anything goes. Most of my over the top life goals are either written quite eloquently in my perversion blogs, or have been ranted about in this blog enough, so I am just going to talk about the mid-level goals and the extraneous goals, and the progress of them.

This is easier and probably less boring than it sounds since almost all of these involve the gym, and my workout goals, so I don't have to go into great detail about them, but clarify them somewhat so that I can get the point across of why. I had set a goal about 8 years ago that I was going to reach 200 lbs. Anyone who knows me can attest that when I say “reach 200 lbs” I am not talking about weight loss like most people would be. This goal was set when I had lost a lot of weight after my divorce. When I went into the hospital with Chicken Pox and Pneumonia I weighed 210 lbs, looked like hell, and worse yet, weak as all get out. The Pneumonia shed 20 lbs off of me within 3 weeks and when it became apparent that I couldn't lift my own 9 month old daughter, I needed to do something about it. Stick with me here, but after a couple of months of severe insanity, thanks to the feeling of betrayal and a wonderful attitude of “I'll show them” the gym and I had created a monster. A 150 lb ripped up monster that desperately needed meds.

Once the doctor had finally found the right medication {Celexa for the record} I was still 150 lbs, less angry, still ripped. I made the deal with myself that I was going to get back up to 200 lbs and keep my 30 inch waist. Usually by the end of every off season {Winter, when I have to have clothes on and can't show off the bod anyway} I find myself at around 185 lbs, 32 inch waist looking pretty good, don't get me wrong, but carrying the extra weight that football season and all the junk food that comes with it will leave me. Then around my birthday I will start doing 2 a days {anaerobic in the mornings .. aerobic in the evenings} partly because I need to get ready to show off the bod for summer, but mostly because my birthday makes me feel old and all that much more single. This year there were some factors that added into it all that changed the dynamic considerably, and I was in peak shape by June. These “factors” also add to my “extraneous goals” which I want to talk about now, since I think we have another ten years before I celebrate the big 200.

I've shared one of the big ones before here. My friend Shane who has MS and is confined to a wheelchair. I spend at least an extra hour a day out of my life helping him work out. We're friends, and I treat him as such. I abuse him when he is being lazy. I get on him when he uses bad form. I preach to him the essentials about flexibility and maintaining balance in the way he works out. Many people would find it odd since he is so obviously side dominant {his left side is a lot weaker and less flexible than his right} and it usually takes people a few days to catch on to the way we are when we work out together. Yesterday he finally helped me to achieve what was the biggest extraneous goal I had when he took two 10 lb dumbbells and lateraled them clean over his head until they gently clinked together 90 degrees from the floor. I could have teared up if I wasn't in uber-cool mode with all the gym bunnies around. When we first started working out together he couldn't lift his arms over his chest. Aside from the two of us there wasn't a single person in that gym that knew what had just happened and how spectacular it was, and let's face it, why would they? It was a good day, that eclipsed a lot of other days, but who would assume I would get two miracles in two days?

This is where my two favorite snow birds come into account. I haven't talked about Bob & Sylvia who live here in the summer, and down in Florida during the winter. Today was the last day that they were going to be showing up at the gym here until April, so we were all prepared for our goodbyes and all, but I wasn't prepared for what else had happened. You see Bob was an avid golfer until about 15 years ago {yeah they are in their mid 80s but pretty healthy aside from the usuals} when his shoulders finally gave out on him. Despite the comfortable retirement they are enjoying, Bob was a blue collar worker his entire life, and a few years of retirement and golf had taken away his ability to lift his arms above his shoulders as well. I had been helping Sylvia all along with abdominal exercises {seriously folks, sit ups are nice, but you have to do leg lifts to get nice abs} and Bob waited til late August to finally ask me to help him with his shoulders. Shane of course getting abused by me and making slow progress had not gone unnoticed obviously, and I started working with Bob.

It's been a month and a half of light weight upright rows, teaching him to use very low weight to do snow angel laterals, with almost no progress what-so-ever, which I didn't think was anything against me or Bob, but sometimes decades of damage are impossible to fix. Today I went over to say my goodbyes to Bob while he was doing his upright rows, and he stopped me before I walked off to do more back work of my own. In a very slow sweeping motion he showed me how he simply woke up this morning started doing the stretches we had worked out together, and his arms went right up to stand about a foot apart over his head. Sylvia of course had to walk over and interject, “See you can teach the old dogs new tricks no matter how stupid they are,” and she walked off to get the bar to work her abs. Needless to say this was far more impressive than what Shane {21 years old} had done the day before because this came completely out of the blue and with no noticeable progress leading up to it. It was a fabulous going away present, and better than that, he and Sylvia were already talking about stopping in North Carolina to pick up some new golfing supplies. Like I often say “Put a price tag on that!”