Thursday, November 10, 2011

If it Doesn't Work, Fix It!

I just finished another physical therapy appointment, which despite the pain in the rear making time for them is, has been very productive. My attitude has changed quite a bit since I started PT and it has more to do with my mindset than anything else. You see I was expecting a surgery that would have sliced a hole in the back of my neck and then had a doctor remove a piece of my spine so that he could push the nerves back inside the spine where they belong. That was some scary stuff, and I was down in the dumps about it for months. The beautiful Mrs. Crow had her hands full trying to keep my attitude positive and that is no small feat, but she dutifully did it like a little trooper. In the end when I finally got all of the information in tact that wasn’t even the position of my injury, and anything surgical would have simply been done with a flexible needle. Yeah I know that doesn’t sound great either.

The question of how I hurt my neck comes into question and there is no real answers to that, but here’s where I have to grow up a bit and admit, “I did it to myself,” and no other explanation is really needed. My days of going to the gym and throwing weight around like a twenty year old are over, and more to the point, they should have been over for say about twenty years. I could have done a lot worse to myself so that is small victory number one. Small victory number two was taking all the right steps to get this issue fixed. I took the advice of a massage therapist to see an orthopedic surgeon, who sent me to a spine doctor. The spine doctor broke the news to me that it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I could fix it. Then you had small victory number three, which was that physical therapy could fix most of this.

On to small victory four, which is the fact that physical therapy is been working. This leads to small victory number five which has had me back in the gym working out again {albeit like a forty one year old and not a twenty year old} and then we have the mother of all small victories which is that two years of pain down my arm has gone away for the most part. Small victory number seven is the fact that the pain I still have is manageable and subsiding because I have learned how to fix it temporarily and ease it permanently. This doesn’t mean that every step of the way I didn’t still have surgery looming over me if this didn’t work, but so far it has and for that I am truly grateful. It reminds me of a horrible toothache I once had when one of my wisdom teeth broke apart {and that smarted .. get it? Smarted? .. Oh bite me!} and after the doctor yanked it out he offered me Vicadins to deal with the pain. I looked at him and honestly said, “I’ve been in agony for a week and you just removed it, I’m fine,” which is on a grander scale when it has been years.

If nothing else I just want to stress to any aspiring dieter, bodybuilder, exercise aficionado or anyone else that is curious about getting healthier, that you are but given one you. Losing weight too fast, gaining weight too fast, treating your body like it is your temple, but you have every right to abuse it, is going to be a permanent issue on top of temporary problems. Now coming from someone that treated himself like a bull moose for the last twenty years might sound hypocritical but it is important to remember all you have to do is change your words around and it makes sense. “Do as I say not as I’ve done,” is a perfectly legitimate way to learn. It’s easy to take advice from someone who read something somewhere but then again nothing substitutes for real life experience. Wish I had learned to listen sooner. In the end I say it all the time. It’s a part of the Jeremy Crow rhetoric, and it is true, and I did follow it, or at least I thought I had. It’s ok to have pain after you workout, but until you learn the difference between good pain and bad pain remember this. If it’s a burning pain it is working, if it is a stabbing pain it will keep you from working. If it ain’t working then you need to fix it.