Sunday, December 4, 2011

No Excuses Just Walk It Off

You’re standing at the gym and that treadmill is screaming at you. You’re thinking about how much you hate getting on that thing and running for God knows how long and for God knows what reason. I know, I’ve been there and I can’t stand getting on the treadmill and running. Fact of the matter is if I try to run on the treadmill I inevitably end up on my face. I have no coordination and long ago I made a vain attempt to stop humiliating myself. Along the way though, you think that you are missing out on something just like I had, as you get on that recumbent bike, and that Stairmaster hell machine. Fact is you are missing out on something but not because you don’t want to run, but because you don’t know how to use the treadmill properly.

Yes somewhere along the line someone lied to you about how you lose weight and somehow either got it confused with the company line on how you get healthy, or just assumed that faster moving burns more calories. Never fear, for I am here to shed some light on all of this. Technically running will burn calories but it is inefficient. The reason you run is to get your heart rate up, and in theory that will strengthen your heart and make it so you can live a bazillion years. Now a bazillion years is a pretty good goal and all but most of us are just concerned with looking good at the beach NOW and removing that donut that hovers just above our asses. It takes a lot of running to remove that, but it takes a lot less walking if you do it right. Yes my friends you heard me right, but walking at a slightly higher than normal clip with the incline set to maximum on your treadmill will burn a lot more calories than running on a flat surface.

The trick to the treadmill is to start with a nice easy walking pace set on a flat surface. You then every minute or so raise the incline by 5% and the speed incrementally as well. If your treadmill goes all the way to an incline of 15 then you are golden. A half hour of walking slightly above your usual walk, with the incline set at 15 will burn calories like crazy, usually between 400 and 700 depending on how fast you can walk and your body weight. Now if you have a good television show to watch and a nice cold bottle of water you should be able to incorporate this into your daily routine, even if you are an anaerobic bodybuilder such as myself. If you really get serious about these things then you would do it every night about an hour before you go to bed and DO NOT eat afterwards. Of course not everyone has a 24 hour gym like I do so simply work it in as you can.

I know as well as anyone how hard it is to diet, and let me just say that this also replaces diet for those of you that don’t need to lose weight. Think about it this way, but if you do your half hour of treadmill in this fashion every day, it will burn off the same amount of calories as 2 to 3 candy bars. How about this one, it is about the same amount of calories as a foot long Subway Ham and Turkey sub with all the veggies and no oil? A package of Suzy Qs and a glass of whole milk sound good? There really is no reason not to use the treadmill as a weight management tool, and especially after you hear how much easier it is than what you have been told. Grab the remote control, power up the treadmill and see how easy it is to watch the football game, your favorite sitcom, or even a movie and burn off whatever it is you need to burn off today!