Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Old Change-Up

Oh the horror of all horrors finally happens to you when you head to the gym that fine morning all ready for the greatest workout you ever had! Some pile of inconsiderate jerks have decide to camp out by the machine that you need to complete your most excellent of all workouts, and you can see it all slipping away from you now. What can you do aside from creating a scene? Well ok in a lot of scenarios you can just hope that they have some etiquette and will allow you to work in, but what about those days when you have the next Olympic champions of some sort that are completely dominating it? You know the people that have workout partners and they are taking their time, and they are using it in conjunction etc etc? Well my old method was to sulk and get a horrible workout elsewhere but I am here to help you along on a different path that I have taken, including today believe it or not.

Today as my example I was working my legs and the leg press machine that I really love for whatever reason, but I told myself a while back that I love it because in all truthfulness I hate working my legs. It was different than the say the future Olympic tandem and in this case was the inconsiderate trainer. I love my gym because 90% of the trainers there are great but there is that one that stands by the machines and talks about his social life with the people he trains and doesn’t really get much done, and you are sitting there smiling because we all face one of these. I smile to myself knowing that I am going to plot voodoo on him later, and perhaps write about him, which gets me past the initial feeling of hating the bum, and then I change my attitude and assume that it is a good day to try something new. Yes that is what I am going to do, and I am going to go a further step along and just joke to myself that God wants me to try something different. It works if your attitude is good enough.

You see I don’t go to the gym to be pissy. I go there because I am doing myself a favor. I am getting some discipline, getting out of the house, working on my social skills, and yes even looking at the girls. It’s part of being a normal male to have to fight off the need to sit at home and eat myself to death and I do very well at not letting myself isolate and get nested in my ways. The light bulb goes off over my head and I see that I could get nested in my ways even in my workout. Now where to go from here since I am not getting on that machine I want anytime soon. There are other leg press machines and I really don’t like them so why should I get pissy because I am on machines I don’t like? I spy that squat machine I never use because I prefer the leg presses and go onward to it. Between the learning curve of using it and the less weight I have to use to be able to get an adequate workout from it I found some humor in myself and, yes you guessed it, got a good workout that will probably improve what was probably a rut that I had been in.

This works for just about everything in the gym and I assure you the change of workout especially when it is a surprise goes a long way to changing the way your muscles react to you. I talk a lot about how your body strives to get used to what you put it through. My wife is a damn good example as she had found a rut in her diet and I told her to eat shitty for a day. She didn’t believe me until she finally decided to eat shitty for a day {because she wanted to and not because I had told her too} and the shock to her system that had gotten used to what she was doing to it, started weight loss again. The same can be said for a body building routine that had gotten stale and your cells had learned to simply “deal” with it in the way it wanted to and not the way the brain wanted to. As I want anyone reading this to know there is nothing that you can do to your body with safety taken seriously that doesn’t do something to it often beneficial.

Think of the things that you can change and why they can actually change the way your body responds. Just for giggles stop using a bar for a couple of weeks and switch to dumbbells. The added strength of having to control the dumbbells as opposed to a static “bar” will help your joints. The safety factor is that you need to know that the weight has to go WAY DOWN because of the balance involved. Cables are a great way to change it around. Switch to some free weights now and then and give up on the machines and then go back again. Make sure that you have a good mixture of both especially if your machines don’t use independent arms. Spend some of the time you use to look at the opposite sex in the gym to look at the other machines and weights and get a “can do” attitude towards trying new things. Even if they are harder in the beginning remember Jeremy’s rule numero uno to working out. You aren’t there to show off, you are there to show off elsewhere! This change of attitude and ability to learn from what you do will help you there a lot.