Saturday, March 2, 2013

FDW: In The Beginning

In the beginning, God created you, and then handed you off to your parents to take care of from there. Although there are a million variations of how life works itself to the point that you are at now, the fact remains that you are at the point that you are at now regardless of who and what you want to blame it on. In reality, we are what our parents make us, and if we choose to stay that way, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.
Well what does this mean? It means quite simply that somewhere along the lines we stopped being the responsibility of someone else and became the responsibility of ourselves. This can actually happen at any age or at any time, but the fact remains that someday you are your own best friend or worst enemy depending on how you see yourself. Some people see themselves as doing just great, others see themselves as doing pretty damn bad. Most people are some variation of both and firmly in the middle of all of this.
Of course there comes a time when we all realize that something has to be improved, and that is where Fat Dumb and Wonderful comes in. You see there was a day in my life when I had an epiphany and realized that I had to change for the better. I won’t mire you in the gory details because I have found out that it happens to most of us. This is why you see the gym memberships go through the roof every January and the participation at the gym drop down to almost nothing by the end of March. I hope to help get anyone who needs the help to make it into April and beyond, because when it gets right down to it, that was what I had to do, and often all by my lonesome.
From this point forward this blog will be dedicated to helping the new and aspiring fitness buffs get to where they want to be. Some of it will be too basic and some of it will be to complex, but it will be starting from the very beginning. There will be two types of information coming from me, just so you know ahead of time, but I will be honest about it. There will be personal experience, which is what I have done and gotten great results, and there will be a lot of "Do As I Say Not What I Have DONE" thrown in as well. To just tell a newbie to go out there and throw a lot of iron around, work through the injuries, and try to overcome MY stupidity, is not smart in the least. Some things that are covered will of course have to be what I saw others do right, as opposed to what I have done wrong, buut as I said, I'll be honest about it. I hope you all enjoy the ride.