Sunday, March 17, 2013

Start Off as a Human Being NOT a Human Doing

Now before we start the official second and third week of the program, I want to take you all on another side road, to make your gym experiences a bit better. No doubt, if you have followed my advice and endured the treadmill all of this time you have seen how the operations of the gym work. You’ve probably seen the people who use courtesy, the people who have etiquette, and the people who have neither nor. I am here to tell you as stupid as it sounds; this is the time to get over it, not to let it fester in you later as the rest of us do down the road.
You see you have a lot of different characters that meet at the gym, and you have many different gyms to cater to the characters, and the better YOU behave in the gym the better your workouts, and your health goals will be met. Seriously, this is a critical phase, whether you find yourself at a gym that has better price over better services, or a gym that has better services over better location, or God knows what you ended up using to pick your gym. The one thing that never changes is that human beings and all of their flaws will be using the gym.
Now just as an example, I go to a gym that I can afford. You all know about it. They make commercials picking on people that are probably closer to me, than them, they walk people around on the tour, explaining to them more about how not to judge, than how to put a weight away. They come in and tend to block the machines they want for long periods of time, never were told to share, and they look for people that are exempt from “judgment free” status, so they can root for the alarm that tells everyone it’s time to judge someone. I learned to not let it get to me and here’s the secret, which I want you to start your workout life with instead of finding it later.
Do your workout, and then walk around the place putting everything where it belongs. People will wonder what the hell you are doing to start out with but others will simply say thank you. Anyone asking you why you are doing it, just say that you felt it was your turn. You are solving a couple of issues here. You are of course leading by example, but you are also setting the stage for what type of person you are, or at least the type of person that will be popular. Not just with the general crowd in the place but the staff as well. I am not just saying this, I am one of the people everyone knows and nobody bothers. Of course I get people here and there standing back in gossip circles to chat about me, but they quit sooner or later when they realize that they get no results at the gym, gossiping and not working out.
Now that you have done this you have probably met a few people, and should be looking forward to meeting a few more. Pick a day and claim that day as your day to do a gym “help out” until people start expecting you to do it. Make note of the people who start doing it on your off days, and yes there will be others who will start doing it to. This is also a very important step of taking ownership in the gym in general. Since this time next week you are going to be on the path to owning and dominating all of those weights. I think it is only right for you to have a healthy respect for them. Not to mention that there will be a good chance that everyone that shows up in your “time” of the day will give you a higher level of respect when you need to share a weight or a machine. If they don’t then you know who the bad apples are, and that is also a good thing.