Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dedication is the Key to Everything

It was just last night when my wife told me that she was proud of my dedication. I inquired as to what she meant and she pointed out how I go to the gym everyday no matter what, and I do my best workout I can, which got me to thinking about dedication in general, and how it does apply to working out. Of course this might have more to do with everyday life in general than it does “the new you” but the conversation and what went through my mind afterwards is what inspired me to write these thoughts down.
You see, I think what inspired my wife to actually say this was the last week I had at the gym. We have a relationship where we basically share our days with each other and it really was one of those weeks. Starting with Monday, I had a raging case of the “blahs” and didn’t feel like working out. It was leg and lower torso day which until recently I had never been happy about, and in years past I might have just skipped it. Well I didn’t skip it and forced my way through it, weak and miserable, but when it was over I had a good workout, even excellent if I just considered the abs part.
Now the next day I went to work on chest and arms which is my favorite day, despite my over developed arms and under developed chest. Well I no sooner walk into the gym as my “world’s best abdominal workout” from the day before was a bit painful and tightening down on my stomach. Well unfortunately I was also having a bout of “the world’s worst bout of gas” and it was pure agony as my stomach fought both inside and outside. Of course I had a good workout and that was what I focused on when I told her. Yesterday it was back to legs and abs again and my very first set of hack squats felt like it should have been my last. Needless to say, I broke all of my strength records despite being so weak feeling.
Now all bragging aside, after she had said she admired my dedication, and I asked her what she meant, I was half-heartedly bummed out that it wasn’t my dedication to her she admired. Of course after I brought that up she agreed that my dedication to her is pretty stellar as well, but its part of my nature in general. It’s NOT part of my DNA though, which anyone who knew me twenty years ago can attest to. I wasn’t dedicated to working out, women, and heaven forbid I try to count the amount of jobs I had been through already by that point in my life. No the fact of the matter is that dedication isn’t always or even “usually” born into anyone. Either you have it or you need to learn to get it, and this goes far beyond working out, but working out will demonstrate a glaring hole there if you have it.
Now if you have serious dedication issues, I can’t exactly teach you how to acquire it, but I can give you a few tips that I realize got me on that path. First you need to just start it and do it. It sucks but without actually getting your ass in gear it never happens. Second you need to start noticing the small things that change in you, that give the appearance of worthiness. This is a lot easier than you think AFTER you get rid of that attitude that keeps you down. I say that out of respect for the normal human condition and also the fact that I remember when I was starting out and I could hate everything about me and amplify it at all times. Your first big accomplishment you should note is a solid week of working out. Now find the next one.
Now Dedication towards your workouts is just a first step my friends. Later on you will find yourself dedicated to other things. Use it to motivate your work style, your home style, or even your ability to deal with your family. An organized mind is a good thing and it all starts with dedication. Well ok, it all starts with motivation to get dedicated, but you probably wouldn’t be reading this far in this article if you didn’t at least have some motivation. The fact that you made it to the very last sentence is dedication.