Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Commitment to #SelfieSaturday Begins

Let's just pretend that it is October 4th 2014, about 6 months ago, even though I am writing this one March 28th and placing it back in the blog. I snapped a picture of myself at the gym one Saturday morning because I wanted to put something on my new Instagram account. The Twitter hashtag of #SelfieSaturday was being used by a lot of people so I added that in there as well. This day corresponded with the time that I realized that my back hurt and no amount of working out the way I was, seemed to be helping it, but I looked ok right?

Well after further looking at the picture I could see why my back never stopped hurting, and it was all that spare fat that I kept around the middle there. For the most part I had sworn off selfies because it was no more than a cry for help all those years that I was a Myspace whore and then a Facebook whore (hell I deleted my old Facebook account just so I could get over myself and start over again) and then I was a recluse. Enter my online relationship with my beautiful wife Carrie, and I was again taking selfies and spending more time online, it happens. This selfie was different though, and let me explain why.

Fortunately in between all of the "looking good" and other comments there was a few, "gotta work on that spare tire" (ok that's the polite version) which was technically people being petty, but it was true. As an online writer I can handle criticism, and sometimes I even cull out the hate or venom in some of them to find something to grow on. This was one of those times. I decided that every Saturday no matter how bad I look I will take a picture and post it, and it was my way of tattling on myself. More over it just gave me another reason to work on looking better. It worked just for the record, but you will just have to figure these things out or notice the difference as I place these Easter Eggs, in The Health Whacko during my spare time.