Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Commitment to #SelfieSaturday Continues

Here we are as I take you back to October 11, in the saga of the #SelfieSaturday even if I am writing this on March, 29th. One thing about having a workout routine and a workout diary, is that I can tell you I am at about 180 lbs at this point, and if I am wearing that wife beater, then it is because I was working my chest and arms on that day.

As these pictures go forward let me tell you what I am seeing when I look at this now, and what I was looking at during the time. I see my large arms, as I have had for most of my adult life, but at that time I wasn't too happy with the lack of definition in them. My shoulders and chest have always looked under developed because of them and worse yet, I am about a year into rehabbing my bad neck. That made it so my right side is smaller than my left side. If you don't notice that is is ok, these reminders help me to get MYSELF in order. This is also why I tend to favor my left side in pictures.