Saturday, October 18, 2014

The #SelfieSaturday Project Goes Into Week Three

Even as I type this on March 30th, I can look at this #SelfieSaturday from October 18th and tell you that I was working my back and shoulders that day. Those old Gold's Gym compression tops that I got at Walmart for half price, are the best for if you are working your shoulders. At that time I was already down to around 176 lbs which was an improvement of sorts. I was still having a problem with my back hurting, and my idea of dieting was flawed.

These days when I wear those compression tops (I still do, I haven't found a better top for keeping my shoulders from aching during a workout) the big difference you would notice is that they are no longer tight around my waist. Actually they are quite rumpled and wrinkled around my middle and I was just noticing the other day how far I had come. These weekly images I store as a reminder are a big help to keeping my attitude in check!