Saturday, November 1, 2014

Month Two of #SelfieSaturday Begins

This is where I started noticing that my hands were shaking too much to get a good #SelfieSaturday picture. I have since realized that it isn't my phone it is the crappy Instagram camera (but who needs great quality for a duck face?) I was sitting down here so that my hands wouldn't shake the picture out of focus, and it didn't work anyway. Of course by taking this legacy photo that my actual camera took I could see that my perception was different.

I can tell you that I still hadn't started dieting properly yet and I was starting to get down on myself. My back was killing me, and looking at the top I am wearing so were my elbows, which might have been caused by the poor diet too. By using a compression top on your elbows on a day that you are working your chest and arms you can mask the pain in your joints. Later on as the #SelfieSaturday project continues you will find out how I accidentally fixed those issues, but not yet because on November 1st when this picture was taken I hadn't yet, and just because I have hindsight today on April 3rd as I am writing this it doesn't mean I am going to spoil my own story line.