Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Last Week of Denial in the #SelfieSaturday Project

I'm sure someone out there is looking at this picture and saying "Hey what problem do you have with that?" and let me tell you, of all the #SelfieSaturday pictures, this was the one that meant war. I look awful and at this point I am almost two months into this. I was furious at myself when I saw how bad my waist looked. Sure I have looked worse than this, but not after two months of trying to deal with it. At my last physical my doctor had told me that I wasn't bouncing back from my horrible eating habits like I once did and here, I had to admit she was right. I hate admitting that I am wrong.

Unfortunately I would love to say that I had that epiphany that made all my dieting work for me, but I still had another week until I finally found the secret that got me into shape. This was a chest arms day, as you can tell by that wife beater that is desperately trying to hold those lower back boobs in. I am looking at this on April 10th as I write this entry which goes back to November 22nd, and I am no longer that person. We will start seeing results in the next few entries though.