Saturday, November 29, 2014

The #SelfieSaturday After Thanksgiving and the New Diet

Here it is November 29th and I am still fat, by my standards, but I had finally broken down and accepted that my dieting wasn't working. I started an account at and was officially tracking every calorie that went into my body. I was so furious over the #SelfieSaturday picture from the week before that I was desperate. Of course now I was eating less than 1500 calories a day for almost a week so I was also starving.

In this picture from November 29th I was obviously working on my legs and torso. I know this on April 13th as I am writing this because of how I was dressed. I also at this time started a new idea which I still do today which is to work my lower torso BEFORE I work my legs. For some reason I get not only a better abdominal workout but a much better leg workout without doing as many sets or as heavy a load. I had done a "leg press" blog right after I took this photo, because I was so impressed with how well my leg press workouts were going. I was finally breaking the 175 lb barrier that I hadn't broken in years thanks to the diet regimen that I was getting. Keep in mind that the great victory on this day that I am celebrating isn't just that I am sticking to a diet for a change but I stuck to that diet on THANKSGIVING! That is as serious as it gets.