Saturday, December 6, 2014

The First #SelfieSaturday of December

The first #SelfieSaturday of December. December 6th to be exact, and even though today is April 14th I look at the cheese and the shirt and I know it has to be an off day. I would beat the crap out of my abs and then hit the treadmill for an hour. Right here I am almost 2 weeks into the new diet with the help of and I have been tracking my calories. I'm finally around 170 here, and I am thinking that I feel better. My back is already starting to stop hurting, because the pressure from my love handles have subsided on my work clothes.

The big thing here is to take a look at my arms. Yes I have big arms in this picture as usual but in the coming weeks they start to look freaky because all the fat that rounds out my muscles starts to evaporate. My shoulders start to get definition in the coming weeks too.