Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Second #SelfieSaturday of December #Health #Hulksmash

Well will you look at that, you can still see my love handles on this #SelfieSaturday from December 13th but they are definitely getting smaller. I can tell today April 16th that I was working my chest and arms on this day because of the top I am wearing. Although I am finally dieting right, and I am under 175 lbs for the second week in a row, my elbows hurt, thus the compression. It's normal when you are stripping fat, and building muscle for your tendons to be a little grouchy with you.

As I had been saying for the last couple of weeks I owe the calorie counter on and on my cell phone more than my own will power, but then again I was the one sticking with it at this time.