Saturday, December 27, 2014

The #SelfieSaturday After Christmas So Far Still Good

Look at me, laid back a little, maybe even chilling on this #SelfieSaturday. Yeah I can tell today, April 20th as I am editing this entry, that I obviously was on an off day on December 27th. My off days are a little more intense than actually being "off" for the day though. First I will do 3 or 4 psycho sets on the lower torso, and then I will hit the treadmill for at least forty five minutes, but sometimes an hour and a half.

I had made it through Christmas and haven't wavered from the 1500 calorie a day diet that I had been tracking on and I was gearing up for my 30 Days and 30 Nights blog explaining the whole endeavor and my first of the year kick it into high gear New Years Resolutions editions of The Health Whacko. Unfortunately people just like making healthy resolutions, they never really like keeping them. I of course am not most people.