Saturday, December 20, 2014

The #SelfieSaturday Before Christmas and ALL Through the Gym

So I took a different approach to the #SelfieSaturday picture right before Christmas. While it is April 19th right now this picture went back to December 20th. I was sick of judging myself by my back fat which was shrinking and wanted to take a look at my deltoids which have always been under-developed since I ignored the muscles for most of my working out life.

They are starting to look like they stick out a bit, but because of THIS image I took, I was starting to look at more than just the fat pockets I wanted to eliminate, and was now looking at overall definition in myself. This actually showed some growth in me as I am at this point 3 months in (almost) in the SelfieSaturday project and it is starting to show me different results.

Of course I was working my chest arms on this day and since I am wearing a full compression top, I must have still had elbow and forearm pain. That went away but I can't seem to remember when (disadvantage of getting old) but as I post these things out I will probably have a revelation about the day I noticed it and how happy I was.