Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Worst #SelfieSaturday Smile in History 01/10/2015

I seriously don't know what is worse here, my hair or that pathetic excuse for a smile. As I write this on April 23, and am looking back on my #SelfieSaturday from January 10th I must have been in a great mood. I know when I posted this to Instagram I made a joke about how I used to think I looked good in this top, but I was obviously wrong back then, because I look great in it now. You can even see my abdominal muscles starting to get pretty ripped underneath that top I was wearing because I was on back and shoulders that day.

I was around 165 pounds at this time and my wife was starting to become concerned. Of course when you see the clothes she was buying for me in upcoming SelfieSaturday pictures you'll get a kick out of what she was really worried about. This was only 3 months into my project but it seemed like forever.