Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Favorite #SelfieSaturday Picture Yet ... YET!

Well here we are folks. After four months of #SelfieSaturday pictures. Taking responsibility for what I look like, and being honest about truly reaching my goals I finally took this picture. I absolutely love this picture because I look freaking HOT! Many probably have seen this picture because I incorporate it into almost all of my profile graphics I make of myself. It's one of the old timey photographs that I use on Google+ right now actually. I was working my chest and my arms on this day as you can see from the tank top.

This was also about the time I started considering my "Gym Rules" Tip of the Day because I was starting to actually feel worthy about talking health. I actually did a status update on Facebook stating "Stop blaming the tank top for how you look and start judging what you put in the tank top," which was how I was feeling when I took this picture. You see, I never liked tank tops. They never fit me right, and I just didn't think I looked all that great in them. As the coming months will demonstrate, because after all it is April 29th when I write this but the picture is from February 7th, I have gotten over my phobia of tank tops.