Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Hulksmash Hashtag

The #hulksmash hashtag has been something I have used for years on any of my gym tweets. It symbolized that feeling that you get when you finally cross that line from being a gym enthusiast to an actual body builder. Jokingly my friends and I would talk about how a really good set at the gym made you want to stomp around smashing everything in sight, but being able to control that was half the battle. In other words "Hulk Smash!"

Over the years it's been more fun watching others respond to things I do and say with the #hulksmash hashtag with some form of variant (just the other day I had a reply with #girlssmashtoo on it which was funny) but now you know why I do that all the time.

If you find that you have never felt the need to walk around smashing everything between sets at the gym, I hope you get there some day. If you think you never want to get to that point, then I still hope you get there someday. You really need to feel what I am talking about or you probably will never completely get it.