Saturday, February 28, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday at the End of the Diet

Well here was the first #SelfieSaturday after I stopped the diet. I figured I better show off what I look like without a gut before I put one back on again. It's inevitable when you are an actual bodybuilder, that you have to stop dieting and start putting on some weight. We all like to believe that it is possible to always be cut up and put on muscle at the same time but it really doesn't work to good.

I had after all accomplished what I had wanted to and got my body fat around the 10% mark, took some good pictures, and then accepted that I would need to build myself back up to around 18% before I would have to start cutting myself up again for the summer. This was February 28th, and I am writing this on May 8th. My body fat now is at about 16% so I am almost at the point of having to go on a diet again. Hopefully I will get that stomach of mine more cut up for the summer, but again I have the weekly picture of myself to track my progress honestly.