Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This Means WAR!

People might find it hard to believe but there are mornings that I wake up and don’t want to go to the gym. Some of these days are because I am sick, and others are just because I am lazy. The bad news is that I don’t have any reasons for you to give in to the need to not go to the gym, and worse I can explain with certainty why you definitely should. As always I use myself as the test subject and share the findings with anyone reading this, but I can also shed some light on some medical blah blah, and some personal trainer blah blah as well.

We’re going to ignore the lazy angle for a moment, because you either are or you are not going to work out. I can’t change that and all I can do is encourage, and since today is one of those days I am “sick” I don’t feel like being encouraging, but do feel like talking about being sick. I warn you right now that some of the things I write now could be considered gross, but they do lend explanation to what I am writing. Of the type of sick that I could notice this morning, it was the head is pounding; belly is angry type of sick. This could be the flu, it definitely isn’t a cold. I will always take the flu over a cold, because in me a cold brings out that former smoker like nothing else, and it hurts.

Sick is sick, it is some sort of germ or virus that is attacking your system. Your body responds in a variety of ways, but the ways we all know mean we are sick is a fever, mucus, runny nose, runny ears (yes it happens to a lot of people) bowel movements that are just not right (don’t make me be too gross) and a variety of other ways that aren’t as obvious. All of these are your body’s way of fighting the germ or virus. Yes it could be a spore too but you get my point. Lying around and wishing your mommy would take care of you is unfortunately a great option for your children, it is not a great option for adults. You have to get rid of this thing so you can earn a living, feed and clothe yourselves. Facts are facts.

I learned years ago that when I am sick it is best for me to go to the gym and beat the ever loving hell out of whatever germ or virus had the audacity to attack me. I have always taken it with a level of offense, and I aggressively enjoy feeling my body catch fire as I work out when sick and that great feeling after a workout that really does feel like the germ is hiding from me terrified. In theory you can have a cartoon like image of this in your head but in all reality it is pretty much just like a Mucinex commercial. If I am sick for more than a day it is because it was a really nasty one that laid most people out for a week, and yes I take even more pride beating those out of myself.

This is not being told because I want to brag, it is being told because everyone who has followed this advice has thanked me for it. An hour or two of fighting back against whatever is making you sick is uncomfortable but in the long run it will save you 24 to 72 extra hours of misery. How valuable is your time and life? There is another point to be made in this and it works for the rare day that I am too lazy to go to the gym, and do it anyway. These are without a doubt the best workouts I have. My gains in muscle and fat loss always become incredibly obvious a few days later. I’m sure there is some great medical explanation for this, but who cares, get out there and fight back the germs, the viruses, and the lazies, and see how you feel. You’re worth the extra effort.