Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why I Do What I Do

That guy right there, is the reason I do what I do everyday. There's something about Captain America, what he stood for, what he looked like, that held me fascinated from the time I was a little Jeremy, to now that I am a big Jeremy.

When I hit the gym, press out an extra rep, at a higher weight, with more emphasis on the muscle I am working, it is the worship of this and many other comic book heroes that keeps me going. It is the times that I can go to the mirror and make a pose like whatever super hero I want to mimic at the given moment, and recognize that I am almost there, that I get the inspiration needed to look forward to the next workout.

When at the gym you must always focus on two things. The muscle you are working on and One More. Keeping the focus on your muscle and getting one more rep is all any of us dedicated weight trainers do. Now go out and get your best on for whatever reason you have to get bigger, stronger, healthier. I'm with you and I get it.