Friday, March 13, 2015

The Crow's Gym Thoughts: Vol. 04

Crow's #Gym Vol. 04
Light and right will get you the best results. If you don't do perfect sets, then you are probably wasting your time, and more likely than not setting yourself up for an injury. Again like I had said in Gym Rule 1: You don't go to the gym to show off. #health #hulksmash

Gym Term of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Term Dictionary ..
Adrenal Gland
Either of two secretory organs located on top of the kidneys and surrounded by the protective fat capsule of the kidneys. Each consists of two parts having independent functions: the cortex and the medulla. The adrenal cortex, in response to adrenocorticotropic hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary, secretes cortisol and androgens. Adrenal androgens serve as precursors that are converted by the liver to testosterone and estrogens. Renin from the kidney controls adrenal corticol production of aldosterone. The adrenal medulla manufactures the catecholamines, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Exercise of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Encyclopedia of Arm Exercises ..
Biceps Curl (Standing Dumbbell Hammer)
Target MusclesBiceps brachii, Brachialis, Brachioradialis
Starting Position:
1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart or sit on the end of a bench.
2. Hold a pair of dumbbells, palms facing in towards your body.
3. Your arms should be fully extended.
The Movement:
1. Curl one dumbbell up at a time in a smooth arc towards your  shoulders, DO NOT rotate your forearm so that your palm faces your shoulder at the top of the movement.
2. Hold for a count of two; then slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position.
3. Repeat with the other arm and continue alternating arms.
• Curl the dumbbells up slowly. Do not swing them up.
• Keep your upper arms fixed by the sides of your body.
• Keep your body absolutely still. Make sure you do not sway backwards.
• Make sure you fully straighten your arms when you lower the  dumbbells. Do not shorten the downwards phase.