Saturday, March 28, 2015

The LAST #SelfieSaturday Project Photo From the Past It's All New From Here

I am finally caught up! This is the last #SelfieSaturday that is "from the past" because when I started deciding to post the selfies to The Health Whacko instead of Instagram I already had about 6 months of them. At the beginning of April I started doing that, and figured I should post all of the old ones in place, but of course didn't want to do them all at once. Here you can see that on March 28th I was working my chest and arms. I wear tank tops when I do that. I'm pretty sure I was around 165 lbs at this time, still rather svelte compared to where I started the whole SelfieSaturday project, but definitely heavier than I was in February when I bottomed out around 160.

I'm sitting on this bench because I had finally figured out on that day that if I had a bench to rest my kneecaps on when I did cable flyes I would have greater control and balance, and my pecs have really benefited from that. Thank you all who have walked the path of all the past selfies with me, and from here on out they will only be on the day of, instead of walking back through the past. Have a great day!

Now I only have to start posting workouts using all of those videos I have been amassing. Sick of me yet?