Saturday, March 7, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project After the 45th Birthday

Here I am fresh off of my 45th Birthday. I haven't put on all that much weight as I am looking back at this from the vantage point of it being May 13th and I am now dieting again. I was obviously working my back and shoulders since I have my favorite back and shoulders compression top on for this one. I was probably sitting at about 162 lbs when I took this photo but I still might be less than that. It's hard to tell.

This week as I was working on making some workout videos, I find it rather funny that when I take a snapshot of myself every week, I actually don't look as good as I do when I am lifting weights. Funny how that works, but again the selfies are taken as a tool of progress and honest reflection. The honest reflection I have right now is that I miss those abs and can't wait to get them back in a week or so.