Saturday, March 21, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project Has It's First Anonymous Guest

I don't know what happened to my selfie this week, but I had this silhouette of myself from Saturday March 21st. Today as I am writing this it is May 15th and I clearly remember why I took this picture, and perhaps I was too high on my soap box to remember to snap a photo of myself. It would have been nothing thrilling actually, a typical leg and lower torso day. I would have had a T-Shirt and sweats on, and I was probably tipping the scales around 165, because I was actively gaining weight.

This is the pet store next to the gym I work at. As many people know I work out at say 3 am so the pet store is closed, but every day I walk over and look at the cat that the NHSPCA sends over to the pet store to sit in a cage in it's window all day, and all night. This one in particular looked particularly sad, and I just wanted to take a picture and post it to Instagram to shame the pet store. I haven't seen a cat in that window since, which is probably just a coincidence, but I felt like I had done a good deed. Thanks for reading, even if I was on a soap box instead of talking health and stuff. I am after all a human being and not a human doing.