Friday, April 24, 2015

A Healthy Life for Everyone

My company does health screenings once a year, so that employees can work on certain “health” goals throughout the next year. This is not a mandatory program, but if you participate you get a $500 credit towards your health insurance premiums the next year. If your spouse agrees to come in and do the health screening then you get another $500 credit towards the next year’s health insurance premiums. This is nothing to sneeze at since it will equal about $20 a week of premiums that don’t come out of your pocket, and like anyone else I can always find something to do with an extra $20 bucks.

I also look at this as an opportunity to get my house in order, and set a goal day to be at proper “health” and today was the day when I faced the music. Of course the company doesn’t do this so much out of concern for my overall health as they do for my overall ability to work, and of course not drag the health premiums of the whole company with me. With that said, I do appreciate the fact that they make it financially advantageous for me to participate. I also manage to find the golden ray of light with all of the safety rules that my company places on us at work as well. Nobody wants to get injured, and I know all too well what happens if you do get injured at work.

Today I was pleased to be downright “shocking” to the healthcare professional that took all of my stats. I lost 20 lbs since last year, my blood pressure is a bit lower, my cholesterol levels are downright “pretty” and I also managed to keep a good sense of humor about being poked and prodded. One of the great advantages of being a bodybuilder is my veins are always ready for a needle, and the nurse appreciates that as well. The fact that it doesn’t take very long to get poked with a needle is MY reward in all of this. Then I get my little goodie bag (with the really great dark chocolate granola bars in it) and head back to my desk to start my day off.

If your company has a “health” program at all, I would suggest that you dive right into it. We have a “Fat Out” challenge every year, a “Walking” challenge every year, and of course the health screenings that I just dominated. My competitive nature makes me go all out for all of these and it usually proves well in the end. The walking challenge of course only gives me regional bragging rights, because there are entire factories in my company over in Asia that beat the tar out of my monthly step counts, but I assure you I set them ALL in my sights for the next year. Well the next year when they all double their stats and continue to laugh at my piddly 50 to 100 thousands steps. It’s all good though because even if I lose in the rankings, I win in life.