Sunday, April 12, 2015

I'm Just Big Boned

First of all it's an absolute honour for my first ever guest post to be here on The Health Whacko. I’d obviously like to thank Jeremy for even considering me to write a guest post never mind actually letting me do one, especially at the risk of losing all of his followers. Ever since I met Jeremy I have always thought I would love to post to The Whacko and here I am folks I do hope you enjoy.

So to the the post title ‘I’m just big boned’ I wish I was talking about what I’m sure some of you are thinking, but I’m not. I have always been on the large side, even as a kid and when I used to get teased I used to let it get to me. I could never understand as to why I was always on the large side because I’m a sportsman and always have been, always played football ( soccer that is ) always played cricket and have always been relatively fit physically speaking, BUT I also have always been
‘fat’ or ‘obese’.

And I probably always will be because what doctors and machines tell me should be my ideal weight for my height, is in all honesty an impossibility, I could lose weight but no way made could I lose the 4st that they tell me I have to to get to my ideal weight. I would look like an anorexia victim.

See the thing is when you are young you don’t fully understand your body and I definitely didn’t, my parents always used to tell me I’m fine there is nothing wrong. BUT there was, I was still getting teased. It was always a case of fatty this fatty that, but it wasn’t until I was older I learned to live with my body shape and realised something about me that I could never get my head around.

I’m just big boned….. I actually am, I have a very wide frame, and don’t get me wrong I could lose weight here and there but will always probably the same t-shirt size. What I am trying to say is that sometimes there are reasons behind why some people are larger than others, I didn’t understand this when I was younger, I do now. The good thing is all them years ago I never let it stop me and I still play cricket to this day ( my wife wishes I didn’t but that’s another story )

One of my major problems is I love food, always have done always will do, this is something I am working on now because I want to make sure that I am still fit enough for when my children get bigger so I can run around the park with them. So with that in mind I have started an exercise regime nothing particular major, and one of the main contributing factors to this was Jeremy and his health whacko, it has been a big inspiration to me to do something about my weight.

I’m always going to be big I have accepted that, that is just by nature that I was given a wide frame, I can’t lose any weight off my bones, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but what I can do is maintain my fitness, which with the help of Jeremy I am doing ( or trying to ).

So in conclusion don’t let anything get you down and keep doing what you are doing whether it be like me with sports or anything in general life just stick it and you will reap the rewards, just like I do and remember the next time anyone calls you fat or obese or huge whatever it may be just tell them actually ‘I’m just big boned’

Keep Smiling – You only have one life, live it.


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Thank you Jeremy, I just hope I haven't scared off any of your readers.....