Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Crow's Gym Thoughts: Vol. 23

Crow's #Gym 23
Ignore the scale, especially in the beginning. I know, HOLY POTATOES BATMAN! How can you possibly get healthy and ignore the scale? The fact is that when you fist start being serious about working out your body will be in a state of flux. Anyone can starve themselves and lose a few pounds, but breaking through that requires a program, and your body will fluctuate especially in the beginning as you replace fat with muscle. The first step is to just feel better, then you can start working on looking better, and that is when the scale will agree with your effort.

Gym Term of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Term Dictionary ..
A method of pushing a muscle to keep it working far past the point of temporary muscular failure. In cheating, you will use a self - administered body swing, jerk, or otherwise poor form once you have reached temporary muscular failure to take some pressure off the muscles being used primarily in the movement and allow them to continue for a few more reps. Word of advice
Save cheating for the last set of an exercise.

Exercise of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Encyclopedia of Arm Exercises ..
Reverse Curls (Indy Arm Cable)
Target MusclesTriceps (Especially the outer and medial heads)
Starting Position:
1. Hold a single cables, using the same grip you would for a bicep curl, hold the grip so that your hand is just in front of your chest, while facing the machine.
2. Stand upright with your upper arm pointing directly down to your side.
3. Bend the working arm to 90° at the elbow and bring it down so that your upper arm and forearm are straight down beside you with your forearm slightly behind you.

The Movement:1. Keeping your elbow stationary, extend your arm backwards until your  arm is straight and horizontal.
2. Hold for a count of two; then slowly return to the starting position.
1. Extend your arm under control - do not swing it back.
2. Keep your upper arm fixed. Only your forearm moves.
3. Keep your lower back upright and still.
4. Start with a relatively light weight as the exercise is harder to perform than  many people imagine.

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