Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Personal #SelfieSaturday Project Here and Now

So this is actually today. I am trying to pose for the picture but failing miserably since, my shaky hand, the poor lighting, and anything else I can think of to blame for a bad picture come into play here. The most important factors are at hand. It is officially six months of my #SelfieSaturday project so I need to be honest about how it worked out. Here's pretty much all I accomplished because I started doing a weekly documentation of myself in photos.

1. My back feels a hell of a lot better
2. My arms are relatively the same size now, and my pecs are getting a lot closer
3. My waist went from a little over 32" to somewhere under 31"
4. I now have those cool veins on my arms that my wife thinks is sexy
5. I fundamentally changed my eating habits which have made me feel a lot healthier
6. Notice I am not wearing a compression top so my elbows and other joints are way better

Now I am not saying that this is for everyone but taking a snapshot of yourself once a week is great if you are serious about bettering your overall health and appearance. I even started taking moisturizer more seriously, because I was sick of looking older than I was. I also was able to find some serious solace that for the most part I physically look younger than I am too. Here's to the next six months.