Saturday, April 25, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project Here and Now 04/25/2015

Yes today I am working my shoulder's and my back. The compression top is a giveaway but also for a change I am doing my #SelfieSaturday post on the actual day that I took the picture.

Let me talk about the back and shoulder's a bit since I happen to have a good back, and shoulders that are coming along anyway. You can see under my left arm that is holding the phone that my back swoops out quite a bit forming what a bodybuilder would call "wings." Despite my large arms, and the chest that most people are showing off, the rarely thought of "lats" that make up the muscles in your upper back, are what people notice even if they don't know they notice them.

When you have a good sloping upper back it makes your waist seem a lot thinner, your chest seem a lot bigger, and in women it creates the actual hourglass that everyone wants. When the opposite sex checks out your rear end, like they all do, it only holds their attention for a moment and then their gaze inevitably will move upward to admire the rest of the form. Well developed lats on either sex will stand out and leave a lasting impression.