Saturday, April 18, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project: Total Dominance 04/18/2015

Look at that guy there. He has a lot to smile about. See how even after a month of NOT dieting he still has no love handle there in the back causing him back pain? Let's throw in the fact that this was one of those workout days that absolutely killed it. Of course I took this picture at the beginning of my workout, but you can see that all the progress I have made over the last 6 months effected my attitude when I took on my back and shoulders today. I was so jazzed at how good I look that I tore it up with the weights today.

The funny thing for anyone who thinks I do these SelfieSaturday pictures to show off, if I really wanted to show off I would have someone take a picture of me from behind. You sort of have a good view of my lats under my armpits there, but the one muscle group I really have going for me is my upper back. If I flex them out you can see that I have wings that stretch out a good 4 inches on each side, but I almost never photograph them. The back workouts are quite impressive too because I think less of them then I do my chest arms workouts, but it is the shoulder back workouts that have me walking around with my arms out like a He-Man action figure.