Monday, May 11, 2015

The Diet Doldrums

Well as I let on over the weekend in my half naked #SelfieSaturday picture, this is the start of my two month diet cycle. What I wanted to talk about were the trials and tribulations of dieting that people don’t often get all that honest about. In the picture I added to this blog I demonstrated that how in two days I managed to drop off a cliff with my weight. Anyone who has ever dieted knows how this goes. Malnutrition leads to a quick drop in weight, most of it is the water that your body was holding on to, some was assorted waste material, and the rest was the natural fat burning process that comes during an intake spike. This is perfectly normal.

What is also perfectly normal unfortunately is the way your body adjusts to the start of what it considers “malnutrition” for lack of a better word. Yes my friends there will be a yo yo effect for the first few weeks. Sure you can lose up to five pounds in that first week but your body WILL start fighting you to keep it on. This is NOT a normal thing to your body, so it is expected and is a normal part of the human survival process. You have to keep a positive attitude during this period and most people just don’t have what it takes to get past this. At the end of two weeks if you see a sudden drop followed by a slow increase, it is very frustrating. I completely understand because I do this to myself a couple of times a year.

What I am here to tell you is that if you stick to a strict calorie intake (currently I am on a 1600 calorie diet) then you will get past the yo yo of the first couple of weeks. Keep your mind focused if your body is even smarter than you are and carries this process out for three or four weeks. Several factors are at play here. You are telling your body that this is the new normal. You are shrinking the size of your stomach, and you are most importantly getting your mind into a lower caloric intake. After a month of simply keeping your calories at the “new normal” you will just start taking over by instinct. In my case by the end of two months my body actually has a hard time going in the opposite direction, as 1600 calories is the new normal, and bringing it up to 2200 for a month and then the actual 4000 calories it takes to feed this beast comes into place after about three or four months.

You are NOT alone in all of this. Please keep that in mind. You may have convinced yourself that nobody understands but unfortunately several millions of people “understand” and many thousands of people every year “understand” getting past the initial period of dieting. I want to remind anyone who is reading this that has tried over and over again to diet and just can’t make it past the phase where your diet starts working, and your mind and body have accepted it, the end result is a real feeling of accomplishment. This feeling of accomplishment is more euphoric than any drug you (or food) that you have ever put into your system. If you don’t believe that you can get there, than believe that I believe, and you are worth it.