Saturday, May 23, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project Celebrates A New Toy

Well I guess I have said that my back is my best feature enough that it was time for me to take a selfie of it and see if I am correct. I like it anyway. My wife got me a really cool bluetooth selfie button, so that I can now set my camera up somewhere, stick the thing in my mouth and snap pictures of myself while I work out. my vanity is through the roof let me tell you.

I did have an awful lot of fun with it at the gym this morning though. I have been starting to video my workouts ( ) and have content to add to my posts, but now I can start using pictures of myself doing exercises instead of searching the internet for pictures. Yes I am not as cute as the models I use, and of course my images are pretty bad, but they are mine, and I probably won't sue myself for using them. I can always just keep making better ones until I get the hang of it. I mean the #SelfieSaturday thing kind of taught me to take better selfies.

If I'm not around much this weekend just feel lucky that you don't have the "honey do" list I woke up to this morning. Enjoy the weekend!