Saturday, May 9, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project - I Am a Bodybuilder

Aside from the obvious fact that I need to get better at taking selfies, I do my first #SelfieSaturday with no shirt on for a reason. This is the last day of packing calories, and I start my next diet cycle today. In order to discredit a few myths about "bulking" and "bodybuilding" in general I am willing to show you all what I look like when I am not wearing the right clothes, getting the right light and looking my best.

I know there are two maybe three camps looking at this picture right now. "I don't think you look overweight," is the first one, "I don't think you look like a bodybuilder," is another one, and the last one is probably wondering why I am so full of myself. The fact is I am all of these things and none of these things all at the same time. I am overweight, since I weighed in at 169 yesterday and I weighed in at 160 two months ago. I am a bodybuilder because I lift weights on a near religious schedule to put on body mass, and I am full of myself because I am #$%^ing awesome.

I am also none of those things if you look at it another way. 169 lbs in most people's book for a 5' 8" guy with a 32" waist is not overweight. I definitely don't look freakish like the people who walk around saying they are a bodybuilder, and there are enough people out there to confirm that I am not #$%^ing awesome. (but #$%^ the haters anyway) I originally started taking a picture of myself every Saturday and posting it back in October so that I could be honest about how I actually looked and work on myself. I proved that I could improve, and now I am in the process of proving that I can bulk, and cut for summer just like a normal bodybuilder.

See me next week ...