Thursday, June 4, 2015

First World Gym Problems

Well tomorrow is going to be one of “those days” for me. My gym is installing new equipment, so it will be closed from 10pm tonight until 9am tomorrow morning. This doesn’t bode well for me, but I will muddle through. It would usually be my legs and lower torso day, so I am pretty sure that I can figure out a way to get my workout on without getting in my car and going to where I usually get my workout on. Maybe I will just take another off day. This is a big problem with me, when it comes to working out. I don’t work out well when I don’t have a place to go to that isn’t my house.

Statistically speaking I am not alone here. Most of the truly colossal failures I have seen in the health game have been those that want to work out at home. I know in my case it is because I don’t have enough room to feel comfortable working out. I have a bad back so “space” actually means something. A cramped workout environment is without a doubt the easiest way to hurt an already aggravated back. I think those that aren’t looking at the premium of space have a little more explaining to do, but it probably falls under the second issue, I just don’t get into workout mode at home. I am in relaxation mode when I am at home.

There is also the fact that I multi-task absolutely everything I do. When I am at home writing I take breaks from it by doing the laundry or the dishes. When I am at work I have to concentrate on several things at once too. When I am at the gym I have compensated for this by doing complex sets, and taking walks around the gym between sets. Sometimes I can get a thought typed out on my cell phone while I am walking. At home I tend to multi-task in ways that lead to a really crappy workout. Not like doing laundry between sets is great motivation, and yes that would be what my mind would be thinking about when I should be lifting weights. Scary.

Tomorrow I will do my best to get a good lower torso workout in. I don’t have the equipment to do a decent leg workout but maybe I’ll just do some walks around the neighborhood. I don’t know, maybe I will just obsess about it for the next 15 hours and then say screw it and take another off day. It’s a strange problem to have but at the very least I have the problem of being a little too dedicated to my workouts. On a brighter note, those that don’t really want to work out can point to this blog and say, “see I don’t want to be like that guy,” but concentrate more on the fingers curled back at you and not the one pointed out at me. After tomorrow I’ll be back to normal.