Sunday, June 7, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project Turns into #SelfieSunday

Well we are doing #SelfieSunday this week because something happened to my #SelfieSaturday picture. Oh well. Yesterday was Legs and Lower Torso, today is Chest and Arms. I also posted this picture already to my Instagram because my former sister in law was being all bitchy about people posting selfies on Facebook, which usually would get me nodding, but her and her kids post about 70 of them a day so I had to do the thumb in the eye thing. Otherwise Facebook and Instagram can go flush a dump for all I care.

I was partially complaining because it took me a year to finally fill out those Russel Athletic tank tops I usually wear, but I couldn't find any yesterday so I bought these Fruit of the Loom ones which are not flatering at all. The good news is I'll fill these out sooner or later like I did the other ones so I will quit my bitching. The weigh in today was 164.4 so I'm down about 4 lbs from when I started cutting for summer. Have a great Sunday everyone.