Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Crow's Gym Thoughts: Vol. 75

Crow's #Gym Vol. 75
You can't defeat genetics, but you can play with them a bit. People are never satisfied with the best they can be. Of course we can blame the media and all but the somatotype that you are born with is the playground that you have. You can learn more about somatatypes here. To break it down quickly for those that haven't the time to chase links, the big boned can build muscle easy, the scrawny can lose weight easily and then there are those in between, Once you learn your place in the genetic tree, then you have a better chance of doing the best with what you have. Then you can still be like the rest of us, pissed off because you can't be something else.

Gym Term of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Term Dictionary ..
The term routine is very broad, and encompasses virtually every aspect of what you do in one weight lifting session, including the type of equipment you use, the number of exercises, sets, and repetitions you perform; the order in which you do the exercises; and how much rest you take between sets. You can change the factors within your routine to change your results.

Exercise of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Encyclopedia of Core Exercises ..
Crunch (Standard)
Target MusclesRectus abdominis (mainly the upper part)
Starting Position:
1. Lie flat on your back either on the floor or on an abdominal bench with  your knees bent over your hips and your ankles touching. If you are  on the floor, rest your feet on a bench with your knees bent at 90°.
2. Place your hands lightly by the sides of your head (or across your  chest if you are a beginner). 3. Press your lower back to the floor or bench.
The Movement:
1. Use your abdominal strength to raise your head and shoulders from  the floor or bench. You should only come up about 10 cm and your  lower back should remain on the floor.
2. Hold in this contracted position for a count of two.
3. Let your body uncurl slowly back to the starting position.
• Focus on moving your ribs towards your hips.
• Do not pull your head with your hands ­ keep your elbows out and  relaxed.
• Exhale as you contract your abdominals.