Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Crow's Gym Thoughts: Vol. 94

Crow's #Gym Vol. 94
Well I am going to steal a phrase from the AA meetings here, because it definitely relates to overall health and the gym. Today is the only day you have. An alcoholic learns to not drink "One Day at a Time" because it really is the only way to conquer an addiction. Well in terms of getting healthy you need to think of being unhealthy as your addiction, and try to use the same principals. Today is the day you get healthy because tomorrow never gets here. Especially when it is your favorite excuse to not work out.

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Gym Term of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Term Dictionary ..
Temporary Muscular Failure (TMF)
That point an an exercise at which you have so fully fatigued the working muscles that they can no longer complete an additional repetition of a movement with strict form. You should always take your post - warm up sets at least to the point of momentary muscular failure, and frequently past that point. Also known as Failure.

Exercise of the Day from The Health Whacko Gym Encyclopedia of Core Exercises ..
Back Extension (Machine)
Target MusclesErector spinae, Gluteus
Starting Position:
1. Adjust the back machine to your desired height and stamina.
2. Place your hands by the sides of your head, elbows out to the sides. Alternatively, your arms may be placed behind on your thighs to keep from a jerking movement.
The Movement:
1. Slowly raise your head, shoulders and upper chest from the bent over position. Carry this out until your back is arched over the pad in the back.
2. Pause for a count of two; then lower slowly back to the starting position.
• Keep your head strait at all times in line with your spine.
• Keep your legs relaxed on the foot rest - do not raise them.
• Only raise yourself as far as you feel comfortable.