Saturday, August 22, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project: He Looks So Thrilled

It's another #SelfieSaturday at the wonderful Planet of Fitness. I have been slacking on the diet a bit and of course the good news is that I admit it. I'll probably be at about 171 when I hit the scale in a bit. maybe more, but at least I know it was because I did the wrong things. You can work with that as long as you are honest about it. While we are on the topic of honesty I think my Planet Fitness has finally run out of people they can bully for minimum wage. The place has been filthy and depressing all week so I may have to drive over to Dover or Portsmouth before I catch a staff infection or a case of depression I can't escape. The gym is my happy place and it is getting nearly impossible to be happy in a place that is just disgusting. I'm sure I am not the only one who feels that way.

Now onto the good news this week. I completely destroyed all of my weight plateaus this week. At the very least every set I did of every muscle got 5 to 10 extra pounds and a lot of them got 20. It's good to remind yourself of your triumphs too, and not just the failures. I could lie to myself and say that the extra pounds are the muscle and not the pizza and the cookies, but again honesty is rule number one to any form of healthy lifestyle. Some of the crap I ate this week might have contributed to the strength increases but I'm not going to continue eating like crap for it. Ok I am going to try to stop eating like crap. Damn honesty!

One more thing in the life of the Head Whacko, but I finally got all of the important workout videos from my personal YouTube, to The Health Whacko Youtube, and I am working on cleaning everything up in all of my posts so that it all points to those videos, before I start getting rid of the ones on my personal YouTube. I have also upgraded a lot of the crappier quality videos with less crappy quality videos. Sure they are still crappy, but at least now you don't have to listen to the Lady GaGa in the background or me making weird noises. This includes upgrading the original workout routines of Jeremy Crow ...

[DAY1] Shoulder & Back Routine
[DAY2] Torso & Legs Routine
[DAY3] Chest & Arms Routine
[DAY4] Torso & Aerobics Routine

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!