Saturday, September 5, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project and Jeremy Crow's Grinch Smile

I learned something today which was rather surprising. There are days when you can leave the gym, after throwing it all out there and having nothing left in the tank but enough energy to get you home. It was actually a pretty exhilarating feeling. Labor day weekend so it is the unofficial start of resolution season two. Resolution season one of course is the time right after New Years when everyone swears they are going to have a resolution to be healthy, and crowd the gym for the month of January. They are all gone by March. Resolution season two is right after summer when people realize how bad they looked in their swimsuits and are going to fix that by next year. They never make it to Halloween. For the record I am back down to 170 again, but my strength increases over the last two weeks are well worth any weight I put on over the summer.

I had some fun with the extras this week. Two exercises to really work your biceps and one exercise to loosen up your lower back. I have also started making animated GIFs for the Health Whacko G+ page. While I am at it I must nag you all to Please Follow the Health Whacko Google + Page and the YouTube Channel! so that I can get them to stop making me prove that I own my videos (only need 450 followers *sigh*)

Cable Concentration Curls
A great way to build peak definition on your biceps.

Single Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls
A great way to isolate the biceps muscle and work on widening them

Extension Bench Bar Twists
Another in my arsenal of back stretching and strengthening routines