Thursday, October 29, 2015

Always Have a Back Up Plan Folks

I can never say it enough, but make damn sure you know your next strategy for a good workout should something go wrong. Look at that broken machine up there, and today being back and shoulder day I have exactly 10 exercises that require that very cable. This means that my Indy Arm Cable Forward Raise, Indy Arm Cable Presses, Indy Arm Upright Rows, Indy Arm Low Rows, Indy Arm Overhand Upright Rows, Indy Arm Mid Rows, Reverse Flyes, Indy Arm Straight Arm Pull Downs, Overhead Lat Pull Ins and Overtop Indy Arm Straight Arm Pull Downs are not being done today. That means 40 sets and about 480 reps are being taken off my table this morning right from the moment I walk in the door. *Sigh*

The sad part of this is that most of these exercises are irreplaceable, and can be done in other varying ways, but not with the same results. I can monitor how badly out of whack my symmetry still is in reverse as I see myself doing Cable Upright Rows in single cable fashion, the same with the low rows. I was pulling 230 lbs to failure which at best I would be able to get 65 lbs per arm doing them individually. That right there showed me that one arm could still really workhorse the other one, and at least that was good data but DAMNIT I WANT MY MACHINE BACK! For a lot of the exercises I couldn’t do there was the same output using dumbbells but again the weight gets a lot heavier because there isn’t the constant pull.

The question remains, did I have a bad workout? Well of course not, my workouts kick ass regardless, but Lord knows tomorrow I am going to have different aches and pains from using different form. Still the important thing to remember and why I do so many different workout variations for my videos is so that I know what the go-to exercises are when life throws me a curveball. I definitely suggest as I always do (some call it harping) that everyone who is serious about lifting should always have the back-up plan in place. Not just because you may have a situation like this, but because you WILL have a situation like this, and the backup plan will make it so that you already know what to do and don’t waste valuable time trying to figure it out, only to have to cut your workout time.