Friday, October 9, 2015

It's All About That Bass Bout That Bass

My poor legs have been suffering through my mind's issues lately. It was about six weeks ago when my wife told me that I had no ass and I better start doing squats. She was right and all but like most people it made me crabby. Unlike most people I decided to do something about it. Of course this wasn’t just a jump to the left, and a step to the right … oh wait wrong blog … let’s just say that having had the back injury ten years ago will always be on my mind. Now of course I have talked about this lately, as I started doing big boy leg routines since that day. Squats, bench lunges, dumbbell deadlifts, straight leg dumbbell deadlifts and then finish it all off with the quad sets on the leg press machine. I have since given up on the foo foo exercises like leg curls and leg extensions.

Here’s what my poor legs have actually been through in six weeks, and I am talking about right up until today. Monday and Friday are core and leg day, so in a matter of six weeks I have gone from 95 lb squats (shut up I been injured) no bench lunges, 60 lb deadlifts (30 lbs in each hand), 50 lb straight leg deadlifts (25 lbs in each hand) and quad sets on the leg press machine at max 540 lbs (out, calves, in, calves) and of course after that had trouble walking because my hamstrings were sore as hell. Today (six weeks) 495 lb squats (oh and I do the ones where my ass almost touches the floor), 80 lb bench lunges (I still lack the coordination to go any higher, I know my limits), 160 lb deadlifts (80 lbs in each hand), 110 lb straight leg deadlift (55 lb in each hand and I actually like the stretch I get out of it) and quad sets on the leg press machine at max 720 lbs (out, calves, in, calves) and my legs after every workout have been sore from the minute I finished until the day before I do it all over again. HA!

Here’s some takeaways though which I want to share (after I got done bragging).

  1. My legs really acted like they have been waiting for me to finally get with the program, thus the reason my strength gains have been downright monumental.
  2. I gained a LOT of weight the first few weeks (about 15 lbs) and in the last couple have dropped down 5 lbs without changing my diet. Probably a water weight createin bulk up followed by a bulk in leg muscle burning more calories.
  3. My wife went from laughing at me when I said I could feel a change after a week, to saying “Damn your ass grew” after as little as two weeks.
There are more important things that I have noticed since I finally started taking my legs seriously. The overall musculature of my body is increasing. My upper body seems to be fueling off of the extra testosterone or whatever that my body seems to be stimulating on what was before a lazy if not completely wasted day. I’ve heard this before but like most know-it-alls I didn’t want to believe it was true because I didn’t want to put in the extra work. Yes believe it or not even a serious workout enthusiast like myself has holes that need to be filled, but the good news is that if I proved anything here, a little dedication will fill up those holes a lot quicker than you would imagine.