Saturday, November 14, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project and an App Recommendation

Well this week I decided to take a rare shot after I worked out my chest and arms, just so I can demonstrate a couple of things.

     1. I actually have pecs, nothing to write home about but they are in there.
     2. A long workout and a gallon of water will give anyone a gut.

It's why most people take pictures of themselves when they are dehydrated and not well hydrated. Just thought you all should know. My weight is still in the 176 range because I still haven't started taking eating seriously, there's always next week.

I have started using this new Android App called FitNotes which is easy as pie to track your workouts with. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it also doesn't waste your time trying to use it. Just pick an an exercise from the list, weight, reps and it will keep track of whether you are making progress or not. Totally free, and no ads, so anyone with an Android phone should give it a try.

I only have one video this week but it is a mother load of a video. Last Sunday I decided to do another No BS Day One, and instead of separating all of the exercises, I crunched them all together. Well one set of each to make a 9 minute dare you style video. Have a great week folks ..

Day One NO BS: The Whole Routine