Saturday, November 7, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project Busy Day Edition

Well leave it to me to discover a new way to get an absolutely killer workout today. I don't recommend this way of doing it but my wife is furious with me so I was in no hurry to get my workout over with. The extra time, the perfectly slow sets and all the extra reps really put the burn in my chest and arms. I did muster up a smile in the photo and I managed to lose a pound this week without really trying.

I plan to spend the rest of the day getting extra cardio dealing with all of the leaves that were on the trees last month, but all appear to be brown and covering just about all of my property. I will post some pictures later. Have a great day.

This week I give you a couple of new ways to work your abdominals. Well they aren't exactly new but this is the first time I have recorded them and added them to my YouTube channel. Of course if you were to subscribe to my YouTube channel below, you would get these things way ahead of time :)

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Hanging Crunches

Now if you are watching this it may look like a really easy exercise but I assure you it isn't. Like "Planking" this is a lot harder than it looks and it will really put a hurt on your abdominals the next day. This is the one abdominal exercise I do absolutely every day between other sets to keep my core taught and ready to take on anything.

Hanging Leg Lifts

This is "that exercise" for the abdominals. Once you have worked your way up to doing these babies you are finally at the point where you can brag about how strong your abdominals are. Hardly any exercise really hits your lower abdominals (you know that place where there is still a pooch no matter how many sit ups you do) and will make most lower body exercises easier the stronger you get.