Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's #SelfieSaturday on a #SelfieSunday and a Manta Ray

Yes that thing stuck to the bar is a Manta Ray, and I will be talking about that in this week's #Selfie Blog.
There is only one reason I didn't do a #SelfieSaturday this week and had to resort to a #SelfieSunday and it isn't the greatest reason, but it is true. Hopelessly attempting to gain 1000 experience points on my Google Play account I was forced to leave a game running on my phone for three days straight and couldn't switch from it to my camera or my Fit Tracker App to take a picture. When I finally finished the stupid game while sitting and chatting with my dad later in the day it was a bit too late to salvage the #SelfieSaturday so ...

Later in the day my wife and I went to a salvage store in Salem to look at the piles of crap, and in a pile of useless fitness crap I happened to find a plastic thingamajig called the Manta Ray. You can find out more about the Manta Ray Here. I actually had no trouble figuring out what it was for and how useful it might be, and I had to try it. Fact of the matter is that I had been really agonizing over doing squats for weeks because my traps are usually in agony all the time now no matter what kind of pad or what not I used. I was desperate enough to spend 23$ on this thing (and was at least happy to find out by looking online that I did get a bargain compared to retail or wholesale). It gave me an opportunity to try it today since it is leg day.

There are two things about the Manta Ray that need to be understood.

1. It will force you to do a squat properly. I assure you that it hurts like hell when you set up to do one of your (ok my) bad form squats with this thing on. I definitely needed to start REAL LOW just so I could finally do a squat right. Once I got the form down, even tripling and quadrupling the weight I felt far less pain in my traps and much greater strain in my quads and glutes.

2. Maintain the good form or you will get aches you never thought of, like for example the hairs on the back of your neck getting ripped out mid squat. Yes that is a bit shocking but again as I said before as a teaching tool this thing might be the greatest coach ever. Just don't overdo it until you know what you are doing!

Have a great week everyone!