Saturday, December 5, 2015

The #SelfieSaturday Project Into December

Well I have since given up on losing weight and have decided to put on more mass for a pre t-shirt season diet like a normal person. At 180 lbs this morning I am hardly out of shape and I have put on some serious muscle this fall so dieting back any of my progress right now would be silly. On that note I had another amazing week of physical gains and I still give a lions share of the credit to Fit Tracker, my personal vanity and G+. Now that I walk into the gym with the exact amount of sets, lbs and reps that I did the last time loaded up, and have the drive to improve those numbers each time I am a beast. The fact that I share the entire workout, lbs, reps, sets and all to G+ might seem braggadocious to many but has been all the drive I need to make damn sure I improve every time I do it. Yep, I'm a typical man.

Well here's what I did the other day. I made a simple video of myself doing a squat & toe squat combo, just so I could demonstrate a couple of the things I do. It was loaded to my personal site and not the Health Whacko. First off I place a 25 lb weight on the floor so I know exactly where to put my feet each time and then I have the step up for the toe squats. Doing complicated bi-sets like this not only balances out my muscles (physically speaking your calves should be able to do the same weight your thighs can and most people are too afraid to test that) but it also saves time between separating sets and re-racking weights. Trust me, give bi-sets, tri-sets and giant sets a try, they will make working out more streamlined.

Smith Machine Squats & Toe Squats Bi Set